Friday, November 18, 2011

Unbranded Virtual Tours

One of the things people don't know about real estate practitioners is that many of the Multiple Listing Services do not usually allow agents to post "branded" visual tours. Branding is material with your name, signage, logo, verbage, anything that would promote your work as in advertising. This is not permitted in visual tours. This is because Multiple Listing Services are purveyors of a system called IDX (Internet Data Exchange). IDX is part of an agreement agents, joining the MLS, make to work with one another, to cooperate, by sharing listings. This means if, for instance, Carol McCall at Re/Max Retro posts a listing into the MLS, I, Karen McCall, over here at United Country, Country Lanes Real Estate am free to share Carol's listing with my clients. Now, I don't want to send Carol's branded visual tours to my buyers and sellers and promote Carol's business. I have agreed to share pictures, to share listing details, to share information, but I have not agreed to advertise for Carol.
Pursuant to keeping a good working relationship with my fellow REALTORS, I have set up an unbranded virtual tour channel on YouTube. This is so that all of the members of the Rutherford Board of REALTORS can send my/your listing to their clients, without sending an advertisment for yours truly.
I understand that in business to put a lot of work into setting up a program you aren't going to get credit for doesn't seem to make a lot of sense - and it wouldn't - except that I know any of my fellow MLS members can share my/our visual tour with their clients and that any of them can bring a ready, willing and able buyer, and sell your property. If my visual tour of your property helps another agent to bring a buyer I'm all for it. I would sooner have 120 agents shareing your listing with thier clients than to have a branded showcase tour trumpeting my achievements online.
Please, feel free to visit my unbranded YouTube Channel anytime. Below you may watch a short tour. I try to keep tours under 2 minutes long. The point is, not to show everything about the property, the point is to pique a potential buyer's interest so that they'll want to see the home in person.

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