Friday, November 2, 2018

Summer - Fall Newsletter 2018

Summer – Fall Newsletter, 2018

Following the wettest Spring on record… Now this… As if the heavens conspired against Golden Valley Sales it rained, it rained and rained and rained nearly every weekend. Weekends are important to us at McCall’s Real Estate, that’s when our buyers have time to come and see property, but most of them don’t want to get wet.  Only three properties sold between June 1 and August 31 in the four Fall Creek Developments and we represented the sellers in all three. There was one sale reported for Fox Gate and one in Cobblestone and that’s it for all the subdivisions in Bostic. It was, however, great for the flowers.
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Local News
Pony Fun in the Sun:  Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) hosted a week of pony competitions the last week in June and ran the American Hobby Horse Finals. This is always such fun for the children and families, although it has nothing to do with this month’s edition I am posting for fun. Do take yourselves over there and enjoy the events.

Tent Worms: Mae Tietje, my neighbor, told me to put some gloves on, grab them in a bunch and drown them. I had a tub of water ready by the well when I donned gloves and headed for the first tent- web ball. It was not too high in the apple tree, I reached in and.... Nothing could have prepared me for having both hands suddenly full of those little "caterpillars" I'd played with since childhood. The ball in my hands was about the size of a grapefruit, a moving fruit, a writhing, squirming, ball of crawling critters with little hairy sticky legs. I ran. Ewww. I ran to the water and dropped the main mass, then started pulling them off my arms, ew, ew, ew... They swam to the sides and climbed out. I have since left them alone. I have not wanted to do that again. Once was enough.
Zillow News: If you're listed with McCall's you can see your listing on Zillow and see how your listing is preforming. Go to and type your address in the search window. It will open to your address page. At the top choose owner view, then scroll down and pick view metrics. Ta dah. You'll see how many people are looking at your listing online, but bear in mind this is for one MLS so that's just one side of your listing. Your listing will be in not one, but two MLSs.
Zillow is an all-inclusive real estate platform and companies can opt in or out. I don't know why you wouldn't want your listings on Zillow, but some companies do not. Zillow is permission-based advertising and uses our MLS data to present our listings to buyers. Buyers will see the listing with three or four agents to the right of it. These are agents who pay for advertising except for the Listing Agent who appears first in the lineup. Sometimes when a buyer clicks through to ask an agent to contact them they may get three calls from three agents. If you want me click my picture or better yet, reach out to me directly.
What's for sale in the neighborhood? Click on Subdivision Search, choose your neighborhood and you'll see all the available inventory that's in the Rutherford County MLS. Check out the competition anytime. FACTOID - Not every Realtor is in the local MLS. Some firms are solely in the Carolina's Regional MLS and some aren't in either the local or the regional MLS but belong to their own county's MLS. While listing with an out-of-area agent will put your listing out on the major platforms, it will not put you in the local websites. If it's not in the local MLS it's not on my website or on any local websites. My listings are on their (CRMLS) websites, but theirs are not on mine. Remember, Real Estate is still a hyper-local business. Other agents are my best customers.
Here are some of our listings.

Business News
McCall’s Real Estate is a member of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. We believe that supporting the local Chamber benefits the local economy. Chamber of Commerce They have some great links for area buyers.

New Listings
Always Working for You
Our website is available 24/7 and we have loads of information. Would you like to see what’s for sale in your Subdivision? Well you can have a look, under Search pick Subdivision pick YOUR subdivision and you’ll get every listing that’s available in the Rutherford County MLS. Under Featured Listings you can see our in-house listings and you can see our Sold Listings. If you look at the Blog you’ll find this newsletter and those that have gone before it, along with a few listings. In addition to this blog we run a Google Blogger at KDsFarm and we build landing pages for each of our listings on a platform called Real Bird. Besides using Real Bird slideshows for visual tours in the Rutherford County MLS, we subscribe to Paradym a Visual Tour Company and we place those tours in the Carolina’s Regional MLS. McCall’s Visual Tour Inventory List. To assist other agents, we build Dropbox Folders and maintain them with current information, so we can get our property information out with the click of a button. All of this and more to prove we really are Always Working for You.

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