Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wind Power Talks at JLF Event

Wind Power Does Not Help Economy or Environment, Experts Say

While state law requires North Carolina utility companies to generate 7.5% of their energy using renewable resources by 2018, they don't tell you: "Electricity generated from the wind is inefficient, extremely expensive, and bad for the environment, argued scientists and economists at a forum sponsored by the John Locke Foundation Dec. 5, at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington."

Like many of the green movement's supposedly great ideas to save the planet, this one is no panacea. Wind run plants, according to the article, "cover more tnan 1,000 times the surface area of a conventional facility."

So, I'm thinking if you've got a hundred acres of pasture or so, you're not using, and you don't mind the sight and sounds of several hundred windmills, and you have deep enough pockets to build the grid, knowing it'll be several generations down the line before you get a return on your investment, one you'll never see... why you're probably a good candidate for this technology. Now, if they can figure out how to store electricity generated by wind power plants, well then, that would be another story.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sell Low - Buy Low, Should I Make a Move Now?

My best articles come from letters to clients. This is one from "Eric" who said, "We are exploring our options and aren't sure what we should do." Here's my response:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for following up with me. It sounds like you've got some decisions to make, but nothing that can't wait a while. This market has made a lot of people unsure of what they should do. Do you live in Western Carolina?

My thought is that while it might be OK to make a lateral move right now - sell low, and buy low - moving into an altogether new situation requires a different sort of investigation. And with this market in flux... every week a different expert pops up to say: We're at the bottom! Invest your money today; we'll strike it rich. And at the same time another expert on another channel chews thoughtfully on the end of a pencil and says "Bottom? Really? Not with all of the shadow inventory. Until that clears, we're still going down. And here's our National Real-Estate-Expert, Miss Smarty Pants, to weigh in on the REAL real estate news this week." And the cameras roll.

We don't know what to believe.

My thought is that this is the time when you follow your heart. Play the theme song from Annie: The Sun will come out tomorrow, betcha' bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun...

Do what you feel is in your families best interest, for today, and for the long haul. If you can stay in your home, STAY! Make it more comfortable and stick this out. Laura Allen, a local business woman, has been selling some of her household goods online. She said she can't afford a bigger house so she's going to declutter, rearrange, redecorate and make the one she has feel bigger. Smart girl!

A lot of people have to relocate - and it comes down to this - do you HAVE to sell or can you STAY. Whatever you decide you've got some work in store, whether it's the work of putting your house on the market, or redecorating for the long haul, now is the perfect time to get started. 2012 is just around the corner.

Whether you sell or stay here are some links you might want to explore.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By the way, Eric, in writing this note I realized I've stumbled onto a good topic for my New Year's real estate column! If you see this in print....