Monday, November 21, 2011

Real Estate Syndication

Real Estate Syndication, "Distribution Trumps Destination" so says Saul Klien in this fantastic video that explains real estate syndication in a way that absolutely makes sense.

This morning as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday I've just got to say, Thank you to Saul Klien, who has been a leader in real estate and real estate technology. I took my e-Pro certification under Saul's Internet Crusade before the National Association of REALTORS took over the class and that was one of the smartest/bravest/best things I've ever done.
Syndication Overview
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I specialize in a second home and land market that requires a good understanding of technology. Most of my real estate transactions are with out of area buyers and sellers. I utilize and enhance marketing and syndication of listings with tools like visual tours. I've talked with a lot of you about syndication and explained how important it is, but Saul Klein nails it.

Our MLS Board offers syndication through List Hub. United Country offers syndication through their online partners as does The Real Estate Book and since I rarely work with clients who won't participate in syndication, you can safely assume your listing is syndicated.

Now in our rural area, we occasionally get some errors, particularly mapping errors, some I can fix and some I can not. Sometimes we find off the wall examples of data feed errors, like $17,000 appearing at $1700, but, the technology is improving everyday and while I can't make changes to your listing on every little site, like "typepad" and "hothomes", I want you to understand that I am covering the bases and have accounts with the big guys.

Real Estate Syndication - made easy - watch and learn from one of the big guys, Saul Klein whom I am grateful to "follow" in RealTown.

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