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What to Do With a View

The Bostic Log – Mountain Cabins and Homes
(A Series on Mountain Living in Bostic, NC)
By McCall’s Real Estate and J. Wessier

Over the next few months, McCall’s Real Estate will offer a series of short articles on Mountain living in Bostic, North Carolina. These articles will address real estate issues like buying and selling mountain homes and land, decorating and maintaining log homes, and the dream of owning a cabin verses the reality of living in one, to name a few. Join us often. It will be like a chat by a fire in an open hearth; warm, engaging, and always inviting you to stay awhile.

4.    What to Do With a View

If you live in a log cabin/home, you probably live in a mountain and/or wooded community.  If you call Yellowtop Mountain Estates, Golden Valley Estates, The Summit, South Mountain Peaks or The Ridge at South Mountain home, your mountain communities boast some of the most beautiful views in North Carolina. Autumn is just around the next mountain bend and, along with it, some spectacular fall foliage and extraordinary vistas. This month’s blog post pays tribute to autumn’s splendor and explores activities that may enrich your visual experience. Following, is our list of what to do with a glorious view:
  • A panoramic view is the foundation and inspiration of an outdoorsman’s paradise, an artisan’s retreat and everything in-between. Autumn’s flare of color, crisp air and smoky scents has stirred the hearts and imaginations of poets and prophets alike. It reminds us there is still mystery and enchantment in the world and that wonder isn’t only for the young. 
There are few things more quieting than sitting in a wooden rocker on a porch overlooking a scenic view. Add a homemade lap quilt and a cup of mulled cider, and you have the recipe for a homespun retreat.    
  • Misty morning vistas are best viewed with coffee or tea in hand, seated at an outdoor bistro-style breakfast table.  A cinnamon-pecan bun is the perfect complement to a rich autumn blend like pumpkin spice. If you’re watching your calories – and who isn’t these days – try a Triple Layered Breakfast Apple Sandwich. Here’s the link to the recipe: http://talesofakitchen.com/breakfast/triple-layered-breakfast-apple-sandwich/
If you’re on a patio, there are several types of small patio heaters perfect for taking the chill off.  The following link is to some five star models: http://www.bestconsumerreviews.com/patio-heater-reviews/
  • We can’t mention how well an autumn view goes with breakfast unless we follow it up by setting the scene for dinner. If you want to get the girl – or guy – an open air sunset dinner on the deck is your ticket to romance. All it takes is a dusky splash of color along the skyline, wine, and farm-to-table fresh food.  If you‘re already married, dinner for two on the veranda is one way to keep the heart fires burning. In Forest City, we have a wonderful farmers market. It’s right in town and easy to get to. Take advantage of the harvest: apples, pumpkins, and butternut squash. To match your view, think     crimson, orange and gold when picking fruits and vegetables. They’re  not only colorful but flavorful and nutrient rich. Try honey roasted root vegetables with a Viognier Wine.  
The wine’s rich texture, crisp fruit flavors and warm sweet spices perfectly  complements fall dishes. The pairing of Pinot Noir and Penne with Wild Mushrooms is also a must try combination. The spicy Pinot Noir enhances the earthy flavors of the mushrooms.
  • Hot tubs never go out of season. On a chilly fall night, nothing beats a hot soak in the tub. As for the view – look up. Autumn offers stargazers clear skies filled with mythical magic. Pegasus, the flying horse, is fall's signature constellation.  In early evening, you’ll find him angled in the eastern sky, one corner pointing down to the horizon. If you wait a few hours after sunset, the constellation is higher in the sky.  The Great Square of Pegasus is the most prominent part of the constellation. In October, about four hours after sunset, face south and look up. You'll see a large square of medium-bright stars.   

Jupiter dominates the October evening sky. Early in the month, you’ll find it after sunset, low in the southeast. As the month progresses, it will get higher and higher. Venus, after its nine-month appearance as the Evening Star, slips from sight mid-October. It appears again, this time as the Morning Star, in the pre-dawn sky of early November. Below is a link to a series of videos presented by the BBC called The Night Sky in Autumn. It shows how to recognize autumn constellations visible in the northern hemisphere. 

  • Fall is not only ideal for hunting, it’s also ideal for nature watching. Consider investing in a pair of high-performance binoculars and a high-resolution digital camera. First, view and capture the magnificent scenery, then center on the details. Among the foliage is whitetail deer, squirrels, woodchucks and wild turkeys. The woods are a symphony of chirping. More than 60 species of birds nest in this area. Most species are typical of the western piedmont. Among them are the ruffed grouse, black-throated green warbler and rose-breasted grosbeak. You may also find Acadian flycatchers, Carolina chickadees, wood thrushes, hooded warblers and indigo buntings.
  • Our final suggestion is for the artisans. Write a poem about the deep colors and smoky scents of autumn or kicking through the leaves when you were a child. Compose a song of minor chords reflecting how the year grows older, the days shorter, and how memories cling like the last leaf of fall. Paint your view literally and metaphorically. With your view as inspiration, find your unique way of expressing autumn.

If you’re looking for a scenic site to build, the gated communities of Yellowtop Mountain Estates, Golden Valley Estates, The Summit, South Mountain Peaks, and The Ridge at South Mountain have an abundance of affordable lots for sale. If you’d like unrestricted land, we can help you find the perfect property. There’s beautiful natural scenery around nearly every bend of the road. Choose a lot, choose a view, choose a way of life filled with spicy scents, clean, crisp air, and all the color and variety of a Carolina autumn.

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