Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Golden Valley Estates

We just posted a web page for Golden Valley Estates on the real estate site: and it looks good. Joey and I are building menu buttons for each of the Fall Creek Developments. This will provide links for anyone who wants more information about Golden Valley Estates and doesn't know where to start.

My husband and I bought 10 acres in Golden Valley Estates in 2002 before Fall Creek started paving. We paid $49,900 for the nearly 10 acre parcel, lot 3 on Fire Tower Road in Bostic, NC. I had a torn meniscus and was unable to walk the property, but my husband and our sales agent, Eric Nelson set out for the bottom where the back line joins Allen Branch. I unfolded a red chair and had a seat. While I sat there waiting I thought about what my friend in real estate, Carla, had said.

Now, I'm going to step back about three years. One of the writers in the Fireside Writer's Forum had put her historic Rutherford home on the market and she wouldn't tell anyone how much it was listed for. No problem for me, I popped over to and found out all about it. I'd been following area real estate because I wanted to buy some property to build a house on, but I didn't want to buy just anywhere. Rutherford County has no zoning and while I'll never vote for zoning against my friends and neighbors, I don't want to come home from work one day, find a haint blue single-wide against our property line, and realize the property value has depreciated more than the value of the single-wide which had been painted with a brush.

With an eye towards purchasing real estate I began to peruse the online market. Soon, I was able to tell Carla what was for sale in and around Golden Valley. I also knew the sellers, knew the size of the tracts and right much history - because I was compiling an area history for the Golden Valley Community Club.

"Girl," she exclaimed, "you ought to be in real estate."

So – I’m all caught up now – there I was, sitting in a red folding chair listening for Eric and Bo, thinking about how to get started in real estate
There weren't any real estate schools around and Isothermal Community Collage hadn't had a class in several years. The nearest place I could find to take the classes at a college, was Gaston College 42 miles away. And so I drove, for a semester nearly, twice a week to Gaston College and got my salesman's license.

Before I got my license, I called Ronnie Porter. If you know us, you know my son George is married to Ronnie's daughter Megan. I asked Ronnie if I could go to work with him. Sure - he was glad to have me and we worked well together, but the real estate boom of 2005 was coming down the pike and there was a new Re/Max opening up in town. Ronnie and I decided that with the sort of business I wanted to do, a franchise might be the right place to do it. Most of my clients were from out of town and had never heard of Porter's real estate. The power of Re/Max could go a long way with my mountain properties and so I made the move.

But I digress, none of this had happened, yet. What happened was we bought lot 3 on Golden Valley Estates from Fall Creek Land Company and took some ribbing from our local friends over it. "You paid $5000 an acre for mountain land!" And we learned to reply, "Nah, we chipped in on the road and got the land for free." Because while we certainly could have found cheaper land, we could not have planted ourselves in a community with deed restrictions and a paved road - before Fall Creek came that didn't exist.

And so, I decided to go back to school in my 40's, to have knee surgery, and to buy the land – and it was all a great investment.

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