Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 2012

I had my left hip replaced on June 26th in Tryon, NC by Dr. Rosenberg and came home to recover. I followed Doctors instructions and for the first two weeks post op was home bound and pretty groggy with pain meds. "How badly did it hurt?" Everyone wants to know and I've gotta tell you, as far as I'm concerned, it hurt more before surgery than afterward. Now granted, I'm recovering, and I'm not brand new, raring to go but it's not bad. I knew I'd made the right decision when I sat on the side of the bed and dangled my legs for the first time.

As a consequence, there was no July Newsletter, everyone had to get by with updates from List Hub and Trulia, but there weren't any complaints. We did stay in touch and I don't know how this happened but real estate started selling. I've had a few more sellers call Clayton in, including Steve and Dawn on lot 89 Big Rock Road, their lot was way overgrown and Clayton put a crew on it and even cut a trail to a huge view. I don't have pictures, yet, I can't get out to the rocky overlook with my cane, but soon, and very soon. I'll be posting pictures.

Meanwhile, here's a picture for you:

This fine specimen was slithering across a driveway on Yellowtop. I believe he would have hung around but he didn't particularly want his picture taken. Luckily the people who were with me saw him, too and we all have interesting pictures on our iPhones as a consequence.

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