Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 2012 - Newsletter For Sellers

I’ve set all of the sellers I work with up with List Hub and you should begin hearing from them the first of every month. I expect to get online viewings if we’re not getting showings. I’ve been working this area for about 10 years and we have always had Internet interest. Sometimes a picture might need to be changed – when you go online to look at property and you keep seeing the same ole - same ole - it's boring, you've seen it, it's market stale – a listing that people aren’t looking at. I don’t care how old your pictures are if you’re getting clicks! Sometimes people WANT to see a spring time picture in the dead of winter or a fall picture in the summer. The point is to get your listing in front of as many eyeballs as possible. And clicks are eyeballs, click throughs are looking for more information.

As you know, price ALWAYS sells so the one way you can guarantee a sale is to reduce your price by $10K every month until you have multiple offers. That’s how the foreclosures sell. The asset management firms reduce, reduce, reduce, and reduce until they have bidding wars. Trust me, it’s effective, it works every time. For those of you who can not or do not want to go there, let’s hang in. I am building inventory and hope when things begin to turn around that I have to hire assistants.

It’s a lot easier to do the newsletters since I left Constant Contact. Although it was a super program, it wasn’t as easy as typing a note. If you want to see what I’ve been up to with bells and whistles visit me online at my real estate blog from there you can go to my website and over to Golden Valley. I’ve been using some of Home and Land’s visual tours to supplement my YouTube tours – they’re online at my United Country Real Estate Website, I look a little smug, in that picture, I was probably trying not to laugh. Listings are in order by price, wait for yours to flash by and click on it, or use the scroll key to fast forward and click on it.

I held a Broker’s open house this week at Smokey’s Den and served lunch. We had made to order deli sandwiches, with pickles, chips and called drinks. I fixed sandwiches in the kitchen while the Broker’s toured the house. Luckily I think this is great fun! I’m fortunate, you see. I love taking pictures of houses, I still haven’t opened a door and not been curious to see what lay behind it. I love houses, I love land, I do not, however, love chiggers and I’m getting over being slam eat-up with ‘em. I picked them up setting signs and checking lots. Consequently, I’ve contacted a landscaping firm to see about getting some of your lots cut. The grass is growing and it’s high, too high in some cases to drive into. So, I went around with a maintenance sheet and have made a list of lots to revisit with my local landscape guy, Clayton Self. We’re going to see what it’s going to take to clean up your road frontage (and maybe more). I’ll be in touch if your lot needs work and I hope I have a price for you. Several of you have already had your lots cleaned up, thank you! It’s hard to show property when potential buyers are scared to walk on the lot.

I choose Clayton because he lives in the area and has been in the business for years. He’s good, he can readily follow up with his crew, their work is excellent, he has experience, equipment, and last but certainly not least insurance. The same may be said of Brad Ford at BRS Landscaping, Brad's firm handles a lot of Fall Creek's Developments and he's good, too. Located between Rutherfordton and Lake Lure, BRS has a lovely roadside location, and a public storefront is in the works.

The Zillow reports came in, as did Trulia, and List Hub, and they’re all screwy, mostly on account of all of the account maintenance I’ve been doing. Your property is online, the reports I’ve signed you up for will arrive automatically.

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